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What is MSIP?

West Niagara Secondary School will be running a 5 period day in 2022-23. Students will have 4 classes and a multi-subject instructional period (MSIP) on their timetable. The purpose of an MSIP is to provide time for silent work, group work, catching up, working on projects or getting extra help in subjects of need. We will be organizing staff on MSIPs to maximize the variety of subject areas represented each period - allowing students to get help in a variety of subjects, if needed. MSIP is mandatory to attend, and attendance is taken as it is for the four classes on student timetables.


School Nurse Live Chat

In order to keep the momentum going, over the summer the secondary nursing team is going to continue to offer the Live Chat service to students between 11:00am and 4:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This can act as an avenue for students to seek support from the School Health Team until school returns in the fall. The Live Chat service can be accessed here:

Mental Health and Well Being
with Sarah Nepon

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SHSM - Specialist High Skills Major

Attention grade 10s!  Have you heard of SHSM?  It stands for "Specialist High Skills Major," a program that offers new experiences and learning opportunities within a certain career sector.  You must sign up in your grade 10 year to prepare for the program that runs through grades 11 and 12.  

Contact an SHSM Lead Teacher Here

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