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Agriculture SHSM

Interested in becoming an Agriculture SHSM student? Talk to your teacher or guidance department today!

  • The Agriculture sector includes a broad range of careers related to: agricultural chemistry,
    plant biology, animal science, chemical or mechanical engineering, animal health and
    wellness, veterinary medicine, zoology, farming, viticulture, heavy duty equipment repair,
    greenhouse operations, and more!

  • In the Specialist High Skills Major – Agriculture program, students can focus on a career
    pathway that matches their skills and interests.

  • Students will get a better understanding of the Agriculture sector through course selections
    and opportunities to connect their in-school learning to real world environments, including
    Co-op work experience, postsecondary reach ahead experiences, industry-based experiential
    learning, training and certifications.

  • At graduation, students will receive a specially designated diploma.

The SHSM - Agriculture program may be for you if you are interested in any of the following careers:

Apprenticeship Training

  • Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors, and specialized livestock worker
  • Arborists
  • Contractors and supervisors, machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting trades, and related
  • Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
  • Pet groomers and animal care workers
  • Storekeepers and parts persons


  • Agricultural equipment and supplies technical salespersons
  • Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors, and specialized livestock workers
  • Customer support representatives
  • Technical sales specialists
  • Veterinary equipment and supplies salespersons


  • Agricultural chemists
  • Agricultural inspectors
  • Agronomists
  • Chemical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Other professional occupations in physical sciences
  • Veterinarians


  • General farm workers
  • Greenhouse workers
  • Harvesting labourers
  • Other trades helpers and labourers
  • Pet groomer and animal care workers
  • Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors, and specialized livestock workers

The Agriculture SHSM will also provide students with opportunities to earn an assortment of trainings and certifications specific to the sector. These may include:

  • advanced training in a technique (e.g., specific equipment maintenance, tilling, irrigation)
  • animal first aid
  • approaches to healing
  • chainsaw safety
  • customer service
  • fall protection
  • first aid/CPR/AED awareness
  • grain grading
  • health and safety – basic
  • hydraulics – basic
  • introduction to pest management
  • land and forest survey skills
  • leadership skills
  • livestock production
  • nutrient management
  • principles of drainage
  • safe lifting
  • sector-specific sustainability practices
  • seed saving
  • soil classification and testing
  • theory of combine settings and adjustments – level 2
  • vehicle lift safety
  • Working at Heights
  • advanced training in a technology, land and forest survey skills
  • anti-oppression and allyship training
  • basic electrical safety
  • compass/map/global positioning system (GPS)
  • equipment operation safety
  • fire safety and fire extinguisher use
  • fundamentals of the combine – level 1
  • hazardous atmospheres and confined spaces
  • herbicide and pesticide
  • infection control
  • ladder safety training
  • large animal handling
  • livestock medicine
  • lockout/tagging
  • portfolio development
  • project management
  • sector-specific software
  • sector-specific vehicle operation and safety
  • small engine maintenance
  • sustainable resource management planning
  • transgenic plant identification
  • weed and pest identification and management