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Clubs at WNSS

Art Club   

The Art Club is open to all students who are interested in being creative and improving their art skills! We meet once a week to create art pieces that vary from drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Students will work on individual projects of their choice, create art to build their post-secondary art portfolios, work on group projects like collaborative school murals, and/or learn new techniques through art tutorials. So if you are creative, like to explore art styles, and want to express your inner artist, this is the club for you! 

Feedback Fridays

Feedback Fridays are for artists looking for critical feedback on their work. All students are welcome to join in critical conversations about how to continue their artistic development in all media, including drawing, painting, craft materials, sculpture, and digital media. See Ms. Dykstra for details.

Eco Club

If you are passionate about the environment and have a desire to create awareness, make positive change, or to simply spend time in nature, come meet with us.  Enthusiasm and gratitude for our natural environment are the only requirements.

Pride Pack 

Formerly known as the Gay Straight Alliance, the Pride Pack is a group that meets on a weekly basis to promote acceptance of yourself, those around you and ultimately loving who you are. As well as touching upon 2SLGBTQ+ topics and issues, we will also be discussing mental health awareness, anti-bullying, suicide awareness and how to truly understand that you’re not alone.

Jr. Drumline - meets once a week at lunch and open to any students who read basic rhythm notation. 

Sr. Drumline - meets once a week at lunch and open to experienced music students. Drumline performs at community and school events, including the Grimsby Christmas Parade.

Jazz Band - takes place on Mondays after school. Open to experienced music students who can play at the intermediate to advanced level. 

Concert Band - meets on Wednesday after school and open to all music students. 

Music Council - a leadership team open to any music students who would like to have a voice in planning department events and concerts. See Ms. Henderson or Mrs. McNeil for more info. 

West Niagara Singers - Meets on Wednesdays after school in the Vocal Room (114). Open to all students. No experience necessary.

String Ensemble - open to all students who play an orchestral string instrument. Rehearsals are Wednesdays at lunch in Rm 114. See Ms. Henderson or Mrs. McNeil for more info.

Flute Choir - open to all students who have at least one year of experience playing the flute. Rehearsals are Fridays at lunch in Rm 114. See Ms. Henderson or Mrs. McNeil for more info.
Clarinet Choir - open to all students who have at least one year of experience playing the clarinet. Rehearsals are Tuesdays at lunch in Rm 112. See Ms. Henderson or Mrs. McNeil for more info.

Music Production Club

A partnership between Music and Communications Technology, this club provides students with the opportunity to explore digital music production. Students collaborate, create, and record music working with a variety of equipment and software applications. No previous experience is needed. See Ms. Henderson, Mrs. Thwaites, or Mr. Hales for details.

Ski and Snowboard Club 

This club is recreational in nature and allows students the opportunity to participate in co-instructional, co-educational activity with both peers and adults from the community.  A day trip skiing/ snowboarding are possible. Ontario resorts are the destination of choice and all safety equipment and lessons are mandatory.

School Reach

Do you enjoy trivia and learning new facts? Are you a fan of Jeopardy? If so, School Reach is for you! Students compete in teams against other DSBN schools to see who can be the fastest on the buzzer and answer the most questions correctly.  Questions are based on current events, sports, science, literature and general knowledge. We run Junior teams (Grade 9 and 10) and Senior teams (Grades 11 and 12).  Practices are during lunch and it’s a great way to meet new people. Join for trivia fun!

Student Council

West Niagara's student council plays a crucial role in representing the student body and fostering a sense of community within our school. Its responsibilities include organizing and coordinating school events and activities, advocating for student concerns and interests to our school administrators, and promoting leadership and civic engagement among students. Student council also promotes a positive and enthusiastic school environment. Members organize events, fundraisers, spirit days, and activities that foster a sense of belonging and pride among students, ultimately boosting school spirit and unity.

Math Club

Math Club will be held at lunch this year and will provide students with an opportunity to work on challenging math problems and prepare for the University of Waterloo Math Contests.

Student Equity Team

This initiative is a student led team focusing on issues that impact students everyday both in the classroom and outside of it. The goal of the group is to bring awareness, sensitivity, and action towards issues of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

This is a wonderful leadership opportunity for students, involving valuable training, the ability to organize and run events, and create campaigns within the school.

Mock Trial Team

Legal-minded students have the opportunity to prepare for and compete in trial simulation tournaments against teams from other DSBN schools and beyond. Senior students (gr11/12) interested in law, critical thinking, and participating in academic competition are encouraged to see Mr McIntosh in room 207. Tournaments take place in the Spring, but lunchtime prep sessions will begin in January.



“Riding to Fight Kids’ Cancer,” this cycling club tracks their individual kilometres ridden and money raised in support of SickKids Foundation through the Great Cycle Challenge Canada website.  Currently ranked #8 nationally for schools. (https://greatcyclechallenge.ca/teams/TeamPACKWNSS) Students ride in their free time either outdoors or on stationary bikes, fundraise and maintain their web profiles, earning volunteer hours. We meet periodically at lunch hour to discuss progress and to strategize on promotion. – Mr Volcansek.

Debating Team

Open to all students, we practice the dark art of formal organized debate. Or maybe we don’t. Parliamentary and Cross-X. This club is in its infancy. If you would like to be part of its upbringing, see Mr Volcansek.

Critics and Awards Program (CAPPIES)

The Cappies is a “Critics and Awards Program,” through which students are trained as critics. They attend shows at other schools, write reviews, and submit them to the Cappies organization to be considered for publication in local newspapers including The St. Catharines Standard. At the end of the year, the student critics vote for awards in many categories (both technical and acting) much like the Tonys. The awards are announced and presented at a formal Cappies Gala at the end of the school year.


West Niagara News

The West Niagara News team works hard to keep our student body up to date with all that is going on both within the school and around our community. This student-driven publication reports on events, activities, and achievements relevant to the student body. Beyond disseminating news, it encourages critical thinking and journalistic skills among its team members, allowing them to investigate and report on issues that matter to their fellow students. Through articles, interviews, and editorials, the West Niagara News reflects the diverse interests and concerns of the student population, fostering a sense of unity and pride in our school and its accomplishments.

Creative Writing Club

The West Niagara creative writing club is a vibrant and welcoming community where budding wordsmiths come together to explore the boundless realms of imagination. Fueled by a passion for storytelling, members of this club engage in a wide range of creative writing activities, from crafting vivid short stories and poetry to experimenting with innovative forms of expression. It's a safe haven for self-expression, where young writers support and inspire each other to sharpen their literary skills and develop their unique voices. Whether through collaborative workshops or individual projects, this club fosters a love for literature and empowers students to embark on creative journeys that extend far beyond the classroom.