Wednesday, June 7th, 2023


The special in the caf today is perogies and mac ‘n cheese. 

Boys Baseball - Just a reminder to all players to hand in your jersey's and uniform pants in the main office.

Pride Pack - On May 14th, 1969, Canada decriminalized homosexual acts. Before this, for much of Canadian history, individuals who did not conform to heterosexual norms were viewed as sick or immoral, and feared as a danger to society. Homosexuality was considered so terrible that, up until 1869, it was an offence punishable by death or imprisonment. Something to think about today: you may not understand what it's like to be gay, but should a gay person be jailed or even killed because of who they love?

Student Literacy Survey - Today, more literacy forum results, for the 3rd question, we asked what people’s favorite way to read, and the winner by a landslide was people who prefer reading alone! Not unexpected but interesting nonetheless!

Eco Club - Eco club is reminded that we are meeting today at lunch in room 312.  We will have our meetings on Wednesdays at lunch for the remainder of the semester!  Stay green Wolfpack!

Library Books - Hi Everyone, you may have noticed all the boxes in the library. Today is the day that we start packing up the library for the move to the new building. If you are finished with your library book, please return it asap!

Senior boys Soccer - A friendly reminder to all members of the senior boys soccer team that you MUST return your jerseys to Miss Perri or Mr Coates as soon as possible!