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School Council

The School Council welcomes all parents and guardians to join us in enhancing the educational experience of students.

The School Council is a pro-active group of parents, students, and educators who work together to promote family/school/community interaction and partnership, and support initiatives that will increase and encourage parental involvement.

Mission: To build and maintain partnerships among the school, family and community. To pursue the enhancement of education through responsible decision-making.

What We Do:

  • Provide advice, ideas and recommendations to the principal;
  • Organize guest speakers and other information resources for students and parents;
  • Reflect the views of the school community;
  • Support school activities by chaperoning school dances and assisting with school events;
  • Provided annual Award to a graduating student.

Elected Chair:
Melissa Hobbs

Secretary: Laura Zulau

Some of our activities and events have included organizing parent information evenings on such topics as: Teen Mental Health, Drug Use & Abuse, Facebook/Twitter 101, Teens & Healthy Relationships, Raising Resilient Teenagers, The Teenage Brain, The Anxious Child, assessing different learning styles presented by the Guidance Department, bullying, internet safety and creative imagination.

In addition, we have collaborated with the Grimsby Public Library to make available a large selection of parent resource books for all parents and guardians as well as the community to access. 

Meeting Minutes